good morning my sun

sunrise and my dreams wake up again and again
sun shine above and around my house and my soul
sun say to me be happy little lady you still young
sun make a new day with a new hope
sun play with my red hair


say something

there is no secret in this life you can hide coz day by day you appeared your self to the world without any doubt just feel free to yelled and do a crazy things coz we not live twice just one life >>>>>>>
all my love

tell me

tell me your dreams so i can tell who you are
tell me your thoughts so i can tell where you are
tell me your age so i can tell you what you are
tell me your imagination so i can tell you how far you are go
just tell me what ever you know
what ever you say i am still listing
love you all



Sometimes I thought myself is a hero can fly over sky,  divine in…
Fight the mountains , crossing throw grasses
Maybe that me or not
Just I believe in God’s and my power that’s given.


for you

run is a simple exercise that everyone can do it and it’s has a big benefit
running >>>>> yeah run everyday can avoid u from many disease
just do it and see the difference day by day
all my love …….


mother :(

when you lose your mom you will lose everything in this life
sky become black .. moon go back … earth be hell …
nothing worse than loosing your mother
crying blood all the time


moody day

sometimes we feeling not bad
is that just a feeling … hummmmmm
no maybe you remember something in the past what ever is it and finally have a bad mood
OK i am trying to forget it
and face my day
yeah i am strong enough
all my love