for you

run is a simple exercise that everyone can do it and it’s has a big benefit
running >>>>> yeah run everyday can avoid u from many disease
just do it and see the difference day by day
all my love …….


mother :(

when you lose your mom you will lose everything in this life
sky become black .. moon go back … earth be hell …
nothing worse than loosing your mother
crying blood all the time


moody day

sometimes we feeling not bad
is that just a feeling … hummmmmm
no maybe you remember something in the past what ever is it and finally have a bad mood
OK i am trying to forget it
and face my day
yeah i am strong enough
all my love



Love your life
Love your family
Love your friends
Love yourself
Love your world
Be the Pearson who fly to the sky and dance even she cry bloody tears…….
All my Love



Sometimes you can not say no
Coz life go fast and will not let you think
So basically run and win the rise…..
Love you all


early morning

sunrise, new day open his arm to hold our dreams , hopes , loves , energies …….etc.
live your day , make your dreams , have fun nothing can stop you go ahead and fly in the sky
love u all πŸ™‚




inside everyone the power of happiness:)
all my love πŸ™‚